Thursday, October 25, 2018

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In the past two years, such websites that claim to be e-commerce or financial management are becoming shame in the eyes of criminals. It is precisely because of the surprising rate of return, but also the high-tech as a cover, coupled with the display of the platform and methods have also undergone a tremendous transformation: the well-made official website, electronic currency settlement, professional doctoral production of financial software, concepts and emerging Industry linkages, packaging MLM activities into a high-tech industry. As a result, MLM is no longer simply pulling the head and controlling personal freedom. Instead, it aims to target highly knowledgeable people who are more difficult to cheat and have more potential.

First of all, unless the deceived or informed person reports, it is difficult for the relevant authorities to find out. Take this social software pyramid scheme, it circumvents the realm of MLM. It can brainwash training and develop members in a relatively private space. Outsiders simply have no way of knowing it. For example, through a WeChat circle of friends, MLM is not subject to space. Geographical restrictions are not easy to expose in virtual space, and online transactions do not even require on-line and offline face-to-face communication. Wechat payment and Alipay's trading behavior make distribution transactions more concealed, and interest is digested in a circle of friends and acquaintances. Among them, it is extremely difficult to investigate and collect evidence.

Second, in order to increase credibility, the fraudsters package MLM in the overall situation of the country's development strategy, such as the development of the Beibu Gulf, the rise of the central region, and the development of the western region, and call the capital operation a national project that was introduced from the United States and allowed by the central government. Some e-commerce MLM companies have also deliberately selected their office locations in high-end office buildings. Investors who visit will have luxury car transfers and arrange accommodation at high-end hotels. Coupled with the turbulent speeches and lectures of the tutors, more and more people are rushing to invest money, and they are dreaming of making dreams. All these are easy to make many high-income, highly educated elites also deceived.

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